A Summary Of Where Are You Going Where Have You Been Essay

A Summary Of Where Are You Going Where Have You Been Essay

… society.

Article Two
“World Forum, Back at Davos, Faces Tough Economic Skiing”, by Alan Cowell, Section A , Page 3 , Column 1, Jan. 23, 2003.
Summary: This article examines an annual meeting of business leaders at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland and their having to come to terms with a …

… argues that the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 have been a great boon to globalization and have to some extent silenced those who have been trumpeting its dangers.
Analysis: This article argues that the terrorist attacks have made nations, their leaders and their citizens newly and profoundly aware of the …

… of globalization, especially for Mexico’s middle class and for the poor that would become middle-class with the opportunities offered by globalization. These have not in fact materialized.
Article Seven
“As Multinationals Run the Taps, Anger Rises Over Water for Profit”. John Tagliabue. Section A , Page 1 , Column 1 …

… are all probably affected by globalization more htan we know, it is still important to recognize that not all aspects of our economic life are subject to the forces of globalization nor are they likely to be any time soon, especially for citizens of the Third World.
Tenth Article
“Security …

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