Summary Goldratt Goal

Summary Goldratt Goal

… definitions of these terms with review of relevant literature

Review of the Studies
Clear explanation of how these studies have had influence on the problem
Clear explanation of the history of how the problem has been handled in the past
Clear explanation of the findings of these past studies
Summary of Chapter II
Introduction to Chapter III
Methods of Data Collection and Analysis
Clear explanation of the methods used in data collection
-what database was used?
-how were the articles located?
-what limitations were put on articles so that they met the criteria of the paper?
-what …

… technical research on ADHD and education into a coherent and manageable strategy for non-specialist educators of ADHD children. The research literature on ADHD students can be overwhelming to the educator who, in addition to the usual challenges of education, wants to develop an awareness of ADHD. One central goal of this thesis is that it might be a coherent and concise tool for educators who want to develop strategies for approaching disabled students.
The primary argument of the thesis is that basic teacher competence concerning the education of ADHD students may be obtained by focusing on four interrelated areas …

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