Summary Of The Knight With The Lion Essay Sample

Summary Of The Knight With The Lion Essay Sample

… credible, which means an individual must first be a good follower in order to become an effective leader.
As a future leader in the workplace setting, I prefer to pattern my leadership style with that of the Qur’an’s qualifications of a good leader. I must be morally, academically, and socially credible so that I would yield productive work as a follower. These characteristics of a …

… good leader, and by subsisting to the guidelines resented in the Qur’an, I’ll be able to achieve my goal of becoming the ‘boss’ someday.
In the event that I should become the boss in the workplace, I would apply Yvain’s qualifications for a good knight (follower). It is important that a leader must keep the virtue of honor and sacrifice, because once your (the …

… /boss. In effect, to become a good boss of the company, I will set myself as a model for all my members/followers, in conformity to the teachings tackled in the Knight of the Lion.

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