Summary Of The Knight With The Lion

Summary Of The Knight With The Lion

This paper discusses leadership styles in the literary works of El Cid, St. Louis, the Qur’an, and Yvain.

… credible, which means an individual must first be a good follower in order to become an effective leader.
As a future leader in the workplace setting, I prefer to pattern my leadership style with that of the Qurans qualifications of a good leader. I must be morally, academically, and socially credible so that I would yield productive work as a follower. These characteristics of a …

… good leader, and by subsisting to the guidelines resented in the Quran, I’ll be able to achieve my goal of becoming the boss someday.
In the event that I should become the boss in the workplace, I would apply Yvains qualifications for a good knight (follower). It is important that a leader must keep the virtue of honor and sacrifice, because once your (the …

… /boss. In effect, to become a good boss of the company, I will set myself as a model for all my members/followers, in conformity to the teachings tackled in the Knight of the Lion.

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