A Summary The Laugh Of The Medusa Essay

A Summary The Laugh Of The Medusa Essay

… Article One

“Ideas & Trends; Rebuilding the Alliance to Rebuild Globalization”, by John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge, Section 4 , Page 6 , Column 1, 4/13, 2003.

Summary: This article argues that the concept of globalization as an unstoppable and inevitable (and generally good) force in 21st-century society must be questioned as recent rifts in the Western alliance have grown more serious.
Analysis: This article makes the important point that there are long-standing structural constraints to the process of globalization. Empires have been built before but they have always crumbled because the forces of localization tend to overcome at some …

… which it is possible for both sides to gain something that they want) in the area of scarce natural resources there will almost necessarily be conflicts among nations, conflicts that could well undercut globalization efforts.
Article Eight
“Globalization”. Tina Rosenberg. Section 6 , Page 28 , Column 1, Aug. 18, 2002.
Summary: This is a sort of primer by Rosenberg on how to make the process of globalization more equitable so that Third World nations benefit from it as much as First World nations.
Analysis: This article rightly makes the point that a globalized economy is not necessarily an equitable one and …

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