Summary Lives Of The Saints By Ricci Essay Sample

Summary Lives Of The Saints By Ricci Essay Sample

The focus of Mary Dietz’s approach towards feminism in her essay, ‘Citizenship with a Feminist Face’ is to define women as productive citizens, contradicting the social feminist’s interpretations, which narrow down the women’s role as merely creatures of the home. Taking influences and at the same time contradicting Aristotle’s definition of a citizen, which not only degrades women, but confines them to the limits …

… expressly political goals, and democratic activities in which feminist citizens challenge the ‘givens’ and seek to revitalize democratic values with a view toward the generations of citizens to come (Dietz, 61),

Dietz’s claims of raising the status of women, though considered to be a great contribution towards the lives of women in general, yet they have tendencies of failing to address the concerns of white, educated Western women, giving a major part of emphasis on the women living in various parts of the world under non-democratic regimes in developing countries. Furthermore, Dietz’s writings also fail to address …

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