Summary Of Maggie A Girl Of The Streets

Summary Of Maggie A Girl Of The Streets

… narrator. It is the mothers viewpoint that permits the reader to understand both Dee and Maggie. Seen from a distance, both young women seem stereotypical one a smart but rather ruthless college girl, the other a sweet but ineffectual homebody. The close scrutiny of the mother redeems Dee and Maggie, as characters, from triteness.
In addition to the skillful use of the viewpoint, “Everyday Use” is …

… patient and tolerant character as she took all kinds of Dees actions and words.
Quilt Preference to Maggie
The two old handmade quilts were made by their Grandma Dee and quilted by the mother and her own sister, known as Big Dee. These quilts were promised to Maggie to take them with her into her new marriage. However, Dee never wanted Maggie to take them since …

… away from Dee after feeling a sudden flow of rebellion in Maggie for the quilts. Thus, the promised quilts were given to Maggie who in real terms deserved it.
The reason why Maggie deserved the quilt is because despite all of Dees education and worldliness, she neither knows, nor values her real culture and heritage. It is through this preference of quilt Walker showed that …

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