Summary Notes For Colin Turnbull Essay Sample

Summary Notes For Colin Turnbull Essay Sample

The focus of Mary Dietz’s approach towards feminism in her essay, ‘Citizenship with a Feminist Face’ is to define women as productive citizens, contradicting the social feminist’s interpretations, which narrow down the women’s role as merely creatures of the home. Taking influences and at the same time contradicting Aristotle’s definition of a citizen, which not only degrades women, but confines them to the limits …

… of their homes, Dietz’s strives to upgrade the status of women, both at home as well as the workplace, thereby raising their social as well as political status. In openly criticizing social feminism, Dietz proposes an alternative direction for feminist political thought in order to make women useful citizens and better human beings. In her subject essay, Dietz notes that women share a common political situation with other women (Dietz 34), and yet at another occasion, she stresses on the benefits of the family’s political actions, for example that of securing policies, which help and assist families and …

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