Summary Of Out Of This Furnace

Summary Of Out Of This Furnace

… the field of candidates for the elections in Brazil demonstrates that although the candidates differ on many issues, a slowing down of American globalization is one thing that they agree on.
Analysis: Although Brazils economic situation should be improving and although the country has been able to work out its repayment schedule through the IMF its economy remains shaky and its currency in trouble. Candidates for president  especially those on the left but even those on the right suggest that the real problem may be American attempts to globalize all of the New World.
Article Four
Lagos Journal; Globalization …

… scarce natural resources there will almost necessarily be conflicts among nations, conflicts that could well undercut globalization efforts.
Article Eight
Globalization. Tina Rosenberg. Section 6 , Page 28 , Column 1, Aug. 18, 2002.
Summary: This is a sort of primer by Rosenberg on how to make the process of globalization more equitable so that Third World nations benefit from it as much as First World nations.
Analysis: This article rightly makes the point that a globalized economy is not necessarily an equitable one and that if First World nations wish to continue to receive the benefits of globalization then they must …

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