Summary Of Poem 712

Summary Of Poem 712

Comparison/contrast essay on Wilfred Owens Anthem for Doomed Youth” and Claude Mckays “If we must Die”.
Summary: This is a 2 page paper that compares and contrasts two poems on death and dying. It has 2 sources.

Wilfred Owens Anthem for Doomed Youth and Claude Mckays If we must Die are two poems that share several similarities. They are both sonnets and pertain to struggle. They are both are set in different periods, but are set in the same century (1900s).
The sonnets, Anthem for Doomed Youth and If we must Die are set …

… war would be large enough to contend with its opposition. In contrast to this, McKay emphasizes that the oppressed must meet the common foe! Though far outnumbered.
Another difference between Owens and McKays poems is the fact that Owen has included the use of weapons in his poem, whereas McKay has not. In Owens poem the use of weapons is emphasized in the following line: Only the monstrous anger of the guns. Only the stuttering rifles rapid rattle.
Yet another difference between the two poems is the way that the poets have depicted the opposition in each of …

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