Summary Of A Portrait Of The Artist As Filipino Essay Sample

Summary Of A Portrait Of The Artist As Filipino Essay Sample

… a preconception of ideal form or type; a kind of esthetic distortion to produce idealized forms. Idealization has taken its form over a number of art periods where the artist has a preconceived notion about what should and should not be. The artist could depend on preordained and canonical solutions to problems of representation
Egyptian art was codified and the format for certain representations standardized at an early date. The Portrait Panel is an example of idealization here; it is ironically found here that an image, which is supposed to “convey essential information about the identity of the subject” still …

… of the subject” still seems generalized. His rectangular torso, and slender arms and legs look as though they could be substituted for any other male figure in Egyptian art. This repetition of a particular form seems to be what the ancient people perceived as the ideal human form. In the medieval era a women sculpture or a painting of a female had little or no definition. The facial features were to a minimum, was calm, not holding any expression, almost sad, but also peaceful. The body was very straight very little in body curves, in the hips, little to no …

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