Summary Of Savages Joe Kane Essay Sample

Summary Of Savages Joe Kane Essay Sample

… Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”
The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and compare the book “The Heart of Darkness,” by Joseph Conrad. Specifically, it will give a short summary and commentary on the books themes, style, structure, and historical context, along with some questions for further discussion.
Initially, Conrad’s “The Heart of Darkness” appeared in serialized form in “Blackwood’s Magazine” in 1899. Conrad had worked on a river steamer in the Congo himself, so he wrote from his own experiences and his own feelings about the political situation in …

… ” (Conrad 17). This is the main theme of the story, that Africa was an unexplored “heart of darkness” when the European colonists came, and they have turned it into another, more evil kind of darkness. The natives revolt because of their treatment by the Company. They are treated as savages, and so they become more savage, attacking the Europeans and holding on to their land the only way they know how.
Language also plays another very important part in the story other than vivid description. It is also another underlying problem between the natives and the imperialists. The English language …

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