Summary Of The Science Of Life Essay Sample

Summary Of The Science Of Life Essay Sample

… doomed to flip hamburgers for the rest of their adult life(Weisentein, 1991). In recent years this idea has been challenged and today high schools across the nation are recognizing the importance of a solid vocational education for their students who will not be attending university after graduation. The vocational education today is more than the woodshop courses of yesteryear. Today they include things such as agriculture …

… curricula that are clearly related to the workplace. In other words, class work must be occupationally oriented. In addition, the secondary phase of Tech-Prep includes a core of required competencies in mathematics, science, communication, and technology(Evers, 1996).”
Vocational education in high school provide students with competence in skills they will need in the workforce. The programs provide the basic skills in reading, math, listening and …

… for the National Longitudinal Transition Study of Special Education Students (pp. 3-1 – 3-39). Menlo Park, CA: SRI International.

Greenan, J.P. (1983). Identification of generalizable skills in secondary vocational programs: Executive summary. Springfield: Illinois State Board of Education.

Benz, M. R., & Halpern, A. S. (1986). Vocational preparation for high school students with mild disabilities: A statewide study of administrator, teacher, and parent perceptions. Career Development …

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