Summary Of Spanish Ships And Expeditions In 1500 S Essay Sample

Summary Of Spanish Ships And Expeditions In 1500 S Essay Sample

… lived and fought.

The entire town of St. Augustine has a historical feel. There are a lot of traces of Spanish culture so it is easy to see how it was once a Spanish city. The fort seems to have had a fiery and troubled existence. In the 1600’s, a pirate named Robert Seales sacked the city resulting in the construction of the fort, which was …

… damaged parts of the fort. They knew that the fort was crucial to their existence. The fort served primarily as an outpost of the Spanish Empire, also protecting the sea route for treasure ships returning to Spain.
The fort gave the residents of St. Augustine a sense of security for the first time, which prompted them to make the town a permanent settlement. As the fort grew, …

… the 20th century.
The obvious link between St. Augustine’s colorful past and its modern appeal make it an attractive destination for visitors and residents of the town today. Visitors of the town and fort can see how life was in Spanish times.
There is a collection of 18th-century buildings, all restored and furnished to create the aura of 1740s life in the town. Even the …

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