Summary Of Into Thin Air By John Krakauer Essay Sample

Summary Of Into Thin Air By John Krakauer Essay Sample

John B. Connally, Jr. the thirty-eighth governor of Texas is best remembered for being in the car when President Kennedy was shot. Although this tragedy stands out in our minds, Connally was also a great governor. Connally, …

… great success, and “earned him the nickname the education governor.” An examination of Connally’s life and work in public service reveals Connally as an important contributor to Texas history.

Born as “John Bowden Connally, Jr. on February 27, 1917, at Floresville, in Wilson County, he was the son of a tenant farmer and sometime politician, John B. Connally, and Lela Wright Connally” . Connally had six …

… of the War.
“He was flight director on the carriers Essex and Benington during some of the heaviest fighting in the Pacific, when American Warships were coming under Kamikaze attacks from the Imperial Air Force. Connally won the bronze star for his heroism and was a little miffed that Johnson received greater recognition.”
It had been through these contributions that earned him great repute when he came …

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