How Supervision Has Affected T Essay Sample

How Supervision Has Affected T Essay Sample

… cites research showing that the quality of a high-school curriculum is the best predictor of a students success in college.
The article cites several factors behind the dismal quality of high school education around the country, ranging from poor elementary and kindergarten education and lack of parental supervision. However, there are several other social changes that may contribute to the rising number of unprepared college students.
The number of children born in poverty, for example, severely impacts their preparation. Children who do not get enough nourishment in their formative years are at a distinct disadvantage. Many high-school …

… States Cut Aid for Child Care
A study by the General Accounting Office (GAO) reveals that states have cut federal funding for childcare. Over the past two years, more families have lost their eligibility for affordable childcare, while many others stopped accepting new families into the program. The problem has affected African-American children more severely, as Census data shows more black children living in deep poverty.
President BushÂ’s current policies oppose any increases in providing childcare, ostensibly because of cost concerns. However, as a cost-cutting technique, this strategy proves to be very ineffective in the long run.

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