Table Of Content On Swot Analysis Essay Sample

Table Of Content On Swot Analysis Essay Sample

… of disruptions. This is reflected by the fact that Woodbridge Chardonnay had difficulty recovering from its shortage even after production levels had returned to normal. Finally, RMC has no presence in jug wine category which accounted for forty-four percent of the table-wine market by volume and seventeen percent of the revenue in 1999.
A SWOT analysis also identifies many opportunities and threats for RMC. The U.S. wine market is robust. Retail sales grew from $11.7 billion in 1990 to $18 billion in 1999. U.S. demographics are in RMC’s favor. Higher incomes (families earning more …

… from $137 million in 1990 to $548 million. The U.S. saw more than a nineteen percent increase in wine exports in 1998, the highest rate of increase among the major wine-producing countries.
Along with market opportunity comes a host of competition for the business. Gallo, no longer content with just being a supplier of jug wines, is seeking to enter the premium wine market by developing new brands from recently acquired vineyards in Sonoma County. Analysts expect further competition in the market for premium and ultrapremium brands as large wine and alcoholic beverage companies acquire smaller winery operations …

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