Tae Kwon Do Words Essay Example

Tae Kwon Do Words Essay Example

… that it used only the combatants own body to successfully fight enemies. Their system, now known as tae kwon do, translates as the way of smashing with the foot and destroying with the hand, according to Grand Master James S. Benko, Ph.D., writing on the International Tae Kwon Do Association Web site.
Korean martial arts had been practiced by unaffiliated schools in the United States until the 1950s, when six major schools got together and unified what they taught, choosing the name tae kwon do.
The name alone gives some insight into the difference in styles. Where the …

… that any practitioner of the art who can do those well in competition or for demonstration can most certainly execute the less showy versions to vanquish a real opponent.
Shorin-ryu practitioners, they say, generally employ more hand techniques, and the kicks they do use are aimed lower than tae kwon do kicks. Instead of aiming for the upper torso or head, shorin-ryu kicks are aimed at the groin, legs and lower abdomen. Basic punches and kicks are also used in combination with joint locks and throwing techniques, and pressure-point attacks are also part of the shorin-ryu …

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