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Marketing Management Essay

Marketing Management Essay

This paper discusses conventional marketing strategies with specific references to the following theories:

(1) The importance of a brand name and the impact of changing a brand name

(2) The need for product differentiation from competition

(3) The need for category variation and the use of multi branding solutions for distinct demographics.

These marketing theories will be applied to brand ‘Zyrus’ , belonging to the small and independently owned New Zealand Company Natural Care Products (NCP). NCP specializes in skincare and healthcare products that include facial products, bath products and therapeutic products. The objective is to methodically chalk out solutions for specific, practical marketing issues faced by the company as its Marketing Head and to build a strong case and justify the steps taken. The paper will also provide information on the Natural Care Product market globally and arrive upon effective marketing solutions that would allow NCP to achieve its objective of achieving a 20% share of the natural skincare market over the next five years.

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