A Tale Of Two Cities And The Princess Bride Loyalty Essay

A Tale Of Two Cities And The Princess Bride Loyalty Essay

… The Princess Bride
William Goldman’s “The Princess Bride” is a tale of time, history, and love. However, because he adds an element of fantasy to the story, his characters are able to withstand all sorts of setbacks and overcome various obstacles.
In this story, Goldman places love above all else, allowing his character to use super-human strength and unusual occurrences to fight in the name …

… never noticed Wesley’s beauty until someone she admired saw it.
Kant believed that the idea of taste simply becomes a matter of personal opinion that reflects more on the viewer than on the object itself. He said that an individual cannot judge true beauty because their judgment is too subjective and not at all universal. Buttercup’s love for Wesley proves Kant’s ethical theory, as …

… of the things that are normally considered good, including happiness, courage, and intelligence, are all qualified goods, as their goodness depends upon being possessed by someone with a good will. In “The Princess Bride”, Wesley’s good points are indeed good as his will is good. This is probably the most important ethical lesson of the story.
Kant believed that a virtuous society must exist if moral …

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