Tale Of Two Citys Essay Sample

Tale Of Two Citys Essay Sample

… century English society the time and setting the author has set for his novel. As a form of social criticism, Chaucer created this tale to illustrate a radical, yet objective and fairer view of how women, especially wives, should conduct themselves in a dominantly patriarchal English society. Thus, the tale goes on to provide a detailed account of the life of the Wife of Bath, whom readers found out to be different from the conventional English woman, since she asserts and believes that woman should dominate over man, and this is achieved through sexual manipulation.
Critics of Chaucer’s work …

… tale with the painting of the lions—that is, social realities as perceived by the Wife would have been narrated or illustrated differently by other people, simply because every individual has his/her own fields of experience.
Carruthers discusses the relationship of economic freedom with social freedom, wherein these two concepts work together towards liberation and domination of women over men. The Wife is portrayed as an economically free individual, mainly as a result of the financial liberties that her former husbands had left her. In effect, material prosperity ‘brought’ her freedom to decide and lead over decision-making problems …

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