Tannen Genderlect Styles Essay Sample

Tannen Genderlect Styles Essay Sample

… team unit on a personal level. Individuals must feel comfortable bouncing ideas off one another, without fear of censure or judgement. Team units with highly diverse communication styles amongst its membership, such as a team that is predominantly male or female, may require more such activities discussing different personal styles and deploying them in small, fun exercises, so that true communication can take place between all members during more serious activities. All team members must feel as if their points of view will have a valid hearing, even if they may deploy different interpersonal styles when meeting the same goal …

… and personal desires become the focus of individual members of the team, rather than the larger goals of the unit. (Dessler, 2000) Another danger is that different individuals may have differing levels of enthusiasm for even friendly competition or joking, something that must be remembered by all organizational members. (Tannen, 1996)
How can teamwork be true procedure rather than simply a phrase or a buzzword for a conglomerate of individuals? Perhaps the most key element to creating a true team is communication. The importance of good communication can go far in mitigating some of the stresses that will inevitably occur …

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