Teacher Supervision Research Essay Sample

Teacher Supervision Research Essay Sample

… and an on going as well as a step-by-step guide to better comprehension of the subject matter. It is based on a model with the following four stages:
(*All the steps have been taken verbatim from the research article under consideration)
I. Set: Provide Objectives, Establish Expectations and Introduce the Skill
This is the stage wherein the teacher begins his or her job of educating his or her pupil by initially introducing the topic to be taught with a thorough description and a detailed demonstration session of the skill to be inculcated. This stage has to be made …

… them instructions with the help of visual aids and overhead transparencies. Evoking student participation by praising them and letting them actively partake the classroom activities all constitutes this stage. (Keller, 1995)
II. Guided Practice with Feedback
This is the most crucial step as it involves thorough and active teacher supervision as this stage offers students “the opportunity to practice their new skills under the teacher’s supervision. This is a good opportunity for peer-tutoring or cooperative learning, specially in the context of word problems” (Keller, 1995). With the help of effective and sharp teacher’s supervision, students are encouraged …

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