Technological Influences On Boat Design In History Essay Sample

Technological Influences On Boat Design In History Essay Sample

… that I think will take Tokyo beyond the struggle and into a transformation where tradition will be the cornerstone of modern, and the future design of the city will not only rest on its metropolis infrastructure but on the ancient ways and the traditional culture that is currently suffocating under …

… already apparent in todays Tokyo. Still the bustle of future life will have people requiring more space and time to depart from their technological lives and back to Nature. Shrine-like parks will form in areas otherwise currently riddled by road-ways and skyscrapers.
Elaborate networks of mono-rail …

… leisure and work will be combined, and most probably will be duplicated around the world as we move towards a more productive future.
Western influences will still be obvious, as the Japanese remain infatuated with icons that are spiritually translucent in comparison to their own. These icons though will always …

… regard would reach its ultimate goal as a model city for the Western world. It would finally attain what has otherwise been plagued by history┬áthe respect of the West.

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