Technology Impact On American Culture Essay Example

Technology Impact On American Culture Essay Example

… an America where each child would be treated equally and there would be no discrimination or major differences in class due to race and culture. Unfortunately, he saw the future incorrectly.
According to Changing America, A Report of the Council of Economic Advisors, the population of the United States continues …

… States was the highest among these countries (50 percent higher than the next highest country).
What can a teacher do to help make an impact on these inequalities? Too often, schools promote diversity by having one or two assemblies a year that represent different cultures. Or, they spend one month …

… , they are introduced to men and women of various racial and ethnic groups who have or are presently having an impact on science and technology through their research, inventions and innovations.
Naturally such a curriculum will vary based on the makeup of the school in terms of race and ethnic …

… is not only teaching, but living what is learned and helping students appreciate the wonderful diversity that exists in the United States.

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