Tecumseh By Edmunds Plot Summary

Tecumseh By Edmunds Plot Summary

… This is a brief summary of Raisin in the Sun and gives a good plot explanation and understanding. Ideal for getting a basic grasp of the play.

Raisin in the Sun is a drama with a clearly stated theme. It is the story of people in a Chicago tenement with dreams deferred. each of the characters is complete and has a dream and throughout the course of the drama it appears possible that the people will meet their dreams. What becomes so interesting about this play is that with such a clearly stated theme it is possible for the characters to be as full and complete as they are.
Lena Younger is the matriarch, who is full of dignity and pride. Her children Wille and Ruth each engage in their own form of rebellion and Walter Lee a chauffeur who is trapped in his job, but still seeks to be a complete person.
The basic dream, in the story is the payment of a check for $10,000 because of the death of Lenas father. Walter wants a liquor store, his wife wants a home, and each person struggles with another to meet his …

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