Teen Pregnancy Paper Com Essay Sample

Teen Pregnancy Paper Com Essay Sample

The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze the topic of the cause and effect of teen pregnancy. Specifically, it will discuss facts and statistics, and what happens to teens that get pregnant. Teen pregnancy may be decreasing, but it is still a costly …

… over 1 million teens getting pregnant every year (Sawhill, Gift of Life). There are wide varieties of social and economic factors that lead to teen pregnancy, and one of the biggest factors is poverty. More poor girls get pregnant, and the cycle keeps on turning, because teen mothers often do …

… approximately $39.3 billion to assist families that were begun when the mother was a teenager and $131 million on programs to prevent teen pregnancy” (Gift of Life). The cost of teen pregnancy is more than just monetary, however. Teens who give birth raise children who are usually less prepared …

… it needs to be addressed and handled.

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