Teenage Obesity Research Paper

Teenage Obesity Research Paper

… decisions. Each person views an ethical issue differently. Different people’s view of an ethical issue is shaped by many factors, including a persons life history and culture. This paper will describe the rules of an ethical decision.
Maria is a social worker for a community coalition that provides counseling and temporary shelter for children who have been abused. She is working on a case in which a teenage boy, Carl, is abused by his parents. In Marias opinion, the boy is seriously abused. According to state law, Carl has the right to state guardianship if her investigation …

… making any further attempts, she is endangering the life of a child. However, if she appeals the decision, she risks creating friction and possibly endangering the lives of many other children later on. Thus, she must calculate her decision very carefully before making a move.
Maria should do further research on Carls case as the basis for an appeal. She may then be able to show that Carl meets the departments criteria for taking custody of an endangered juvenile. Felicia is likely to disagree with Marias case. However, she should still appeal the decision. If Felicias …

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