Is Teenage Pregnancy A Serious Problem Essay Sample

Is Teenage Pregnancy A Serious Problem Essay Sample

… Nature of Probable Research
The South Bronx section of New York is among the poorest and most diverse school districts in America. Crime and teenage pregnancy have plagued the primarily Hispanic and Afro-American Bronx community for decades. However, in recent years there has been a concerted effort to curb the dire social conditions and education system. For the purposes of our research we will focus on the efforts to improve the educational system through before school and after school programs.
The probable research will involve studying the effects of before school and after school programs on a low performing …

… the use of our university library and other large libraries in the region. I will also utilize various academic databases to retrieve information. Most of the information needed to conduct the research is readily available; however there may be some difficulty finding a specific middle school to discuss. This problem exists because many of these programs are relatively new and data on their impact is not readily available.
Reading Related to the research
Reading related to the research explains that the South Bronx education system is formerly referred to as Community School District 8. An article in the journal, Education …

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