Teenagers Illegal Drinking Essay Example

Teenagers Illegal Drinking Essay Example

… Americans have tried illegal drugs at some point in their lives, with marijuana far and away the most popular drug, though 41.3 million Americans also had tried heroin, cocaine, or some other illegal drug. Of this group, 13.6 million are current users, or about 6.2 percent of all Americans, which is half what it was at its 1979 peak. The National Household Survey on …

… MTF 30 40 21
YRBS 35 47 25
12th Graders
NHSDA 33 35 15
MTF 37 53 24
YRBS 40 57 27
(Fowler and Stringfellow, 2001, 662).
Alcohol use is much greater among teenagers than marijuana use, though the bulk of government efforts goes toward reducing marijuana use. Statistics taken from the demographics questions on the Core Alcohol and Drug Survey show the following percentages for those …

… of marijuana, though there is evidence that marijuana can impair ones ability to drive, for example. A test was made with eighteen licensed drivers who were experienced in smoking marijuana and in drinking alcohol, and the Road Tracking Test measured the drivers capabilities under each:
Smoking marijuana alone or drinking alcohol alone significantly impaired performances on both road tests compared with the baseline without marijuana …

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