Telecommuting Effects Employees Essay

Telecommuting Effects Employees Essay

… staff, and company restructuring, which increases the amount of responsibility a person has (Woods, 1999). An employee may feel stress created by the demands of hotel guests, and from overwork due a high turnover in the hospitality industry.
Positive and Negative Effects
Stress can have both positive and negative effects in the workplace. A positive aspect is stress gives an employee an adrenaline rush that, in proper amounts, can aid the person’s performance at work. Negatively, stress can cause numerous health problems resulting in high absenteeism in the workplace (Woods, 1999).
A Managers Influence
Managers need to strive to …

… people waiting to either check in or check out. Middle mangers can also help reduce stress in the workplace by intervening when an employee has a valid problem with another manager.
Stress is one of the leading causes of absenteeism in the workplace today. Managers can help their employees, and increase productivity, by recognizing and eliminating stress causing factors at work.


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costs money-now industry is calling on counsellors to help stressed …

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