Telephone Privacy Essay Example

Telephone Privacy Essay Example

… several lawsuits to try to force governments to reveal what information they may have about individuals. The FBI can obtain almost any information that they want about an individual even if they have done nothing wrong. The Federal Communications Commission has issued a notice of proposed rulemaking on the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), a federal law that regulates telemarketing and fax advertising. The notice requests comments on creating a national do-not-call list, and on regulations for autodialers and prerecorded voice telemarketing (EPIC 1).
There are many laws and court cases concerning the rights of privacy, but it …

… 800, 888, 877, 866, and 900 numbers unless you already have a relationship with the company (like your favorite catalog company). When calling these numbers, your phone number can be recorded by a system called Automatic Number Identification (ANI) and then sold to marketers for mail and phone solicitations (Privacy 4).
The best way to keep a persons privacy is to be an advocate of your own privacy rights. Be aware of the laws concerning privacy. Speak up for ones rights. Be aware of the statements about privacy on back of credit card statements.

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