Television And The Increase Of Junvenile Crime Essay Sample

Television And The Increase Of Junvenile Crime Essay Sample

… children who will be far more likely to act in violent ways because of what they saw on the TV as children. Studies of the content of television shows report that one out of every sixteen scenes in television shows contains an act of violence (Hough, 1997). Teachers report an …

… is also elevated for females. Since virtually all youth have access to television shows, something besides television must be influencing young people to commit, or attempt to commit, murder. But with violent crime committed in all strata of society and among all groups of people, some people wonder if human …

… , and the fact remains that while most people watch television, most people do not become murderers. While some research on television habits shows an increase in aggression (Hough, 1997), it hasn’t been tied to murder and other serious acts of violence. So we are faced with the reality that …

… . “Correlates of violent and nonviolent behavior among vulnerable inner-city youths.” Family and Community Health. July 1.
Brook, Judith S. 2002. “Kids, TV Viewing, and Aggressive Behavior.” Science. July 5.

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