Tennessee Williams The Glass Menagerie Essay Example

Tennessee Williams The Glass Menagerie Essay Example

… Dakin Williams, the daughter of a minister. The playwrights home life was never peaceful. His parents turbulent fights frightened him and his two siblings. After some years in Clarksdale, Mississippi, the young Tennessees parents moved to St. Louis in 1918. It was here that he encountered his first publishing success in the form of a $5 prize for an essay entitled Can a Good Wife …

… first play, Cairo, Shanghai, Bombay (produced in Memphis). After producing more plays, Williams graduated from the University of Iowa in 1938.
After more success with his plays, Williams produces The Glass Menagerie┬áin 1944, close to the end of the war. Many consider this play with its autobiographical elements the best that Williams created in his lifetime. The play in fact won an award from the New …

… the fact of his own homosexuality.

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