Tennyson S Stylistic Devices Essay Sample

Tennyson S Stylistic Devices Essay Sample

… environment, culture and propriety of the early Christian church may have had on scripture. For some that answer has of coarse been to say it is all a fable to sell books, and on the other end of the spectrum the answer is that each word regardless of the stylistic literary tools used to string it to another word the collective words of the bible are the literal words of God, period. Kenneth Woodward contends that Father Raymond E. Brown in his book, The Death of the Messiah chastises modern believers and non-believers alike for either rejecting the Gospels …

… and resurrection of Jesus, his son on earth. (Woodward 50)
Not only masters of literary tools, the idea that, if the Evangelists had not been as persuasive the story would not have been as effective and would have been lost. Here Brown uses the Rhetorical approach to explain the devices of the bible just as the Gospel author’s use it to claim precedence over other stories of creation and any other stories of who and what Jesus really was. If it had not been true than it would not be so powerful or so persuasive.
Woodward explains that Brown …

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