Term Abroad Essay

Term Abroad Essay

… . These challenges and obstacles have provided me the opportunity to be more independent and responsible. I always hade passion for English and knew that learning it would always be a challenge for me. Therefore, just two year ago, I decided to take up this challenge and went to study abroad in the United States to begin a new stage of my life.
I knew that studying in U.S. would give me a strong foundation and command over English language. Along with my brother studying in the United States, I had come to face the fact that I had left …

… obstacles.
Moreover, after days of laborious work, I have excelled to a high level English as well as adjusted to this new environment. However, today I wish I understood American culture even better than I do now. Though I sometime have embarrassing moments when I use the wrong slang term in front of my friends.
Attending college in the U.S. will make more aware of their customs and the people there. Being the kind of making friends and helping others, I always enjoy the friendship and the warmth along side it and so even in this new country, I …

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