Term Paper Financial Statement Taxes And Cashflow

Term Paper Financial Statement Taxes And Cashflow

… This paper examines the strategies and history of the Wal-Mart Corporation and its plans for the future. It makes suggestions to keep it the number one retailer in the US.
Examining Wal-Mart

Wal-mart began as a chain of discount stores in …

… to the chain.
The primary expansion strategy for Wal-mart consisted of opening stores in rural and outlying areas to keep real estate costs, taxes, and overhead down. By setting up a system of regional warehouses the company was also able to keep transportation costs to a minimum.
From the …

… mission statement of Wal-Mart is: provide the best products and services at the lowest price possible.

Appropriateness of the Mission Statement
This mission statement is primarily appropriate for Wal-Mart stores. It gives a commitment to quality, an explanation of the stores purpose and sets the stage for …

… American made products as possible

Strategy Analysis
For the most part there is little conflict over the long-term strategies of Wal-Mart. It appears that the organization is cost and expansion conscious and is not seeking to grow to rapidly or to grow without clear supply lines to the …

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