Term Paper On Globalization

Term Paper On Globalization

… Learning Organization
Summary: This is a 2-page paper on the basis and analysis of Learning Organizations.

Introduction and Definition
Within a global paradigm the changing business environment has given rise to the concept of the Learning Organization. Peter Senge [1996] elaborated on the term Learning Organization and since then it has spiraled to become most established theme of the business world. The simplest definition for the learning organization is that it is a firm that attempts to create its own future.

Five Disciplines
There are five facets of the organization which include:

1) Mental models – the personal biases and …

… talents; and
5) Systems thinking – the language of interrelationships that shape the behavior of the systems in which we exist.

Basic Analysis
The difference between the learning organization and the traditional organization is the practical application of these five disciplines to the corporate culture.
In a competitive environment where globalization has torn down cultural barriers and created a diverse work force the learning organization has a core implication for success. To survive, companies need learn and implement change progressively and with the least conflict. Learning organizations then understand that upgrading of human resource skill and corporate culture is important and …

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