Term Paper On Light Emitting Diodes Essay Sample

Term Paper On Light Emitting Diodes Essay Sample

… When Jeff Immelt took over the management reins of General Electric, he assumed control of the most valued corporation in the world. GE makes everything from light bulbs to jet engines, from power plants to television sitcoms (“Immelt to be the next GE CEO”). He also brought a management style that was distinctly different from that of his predecessor, the legendary Jack Welch.
This paper examines the …

… making process. The second part focuses on the effects these policies will have on GE’s future. Because this cooperative management style is more in line with the newer, technology-based companies, this paper concludes that Immelt’s tenure will bode well for the company’s growing involvements into fields like medical technology, power systems and aircraft technology.
Throughout his 20 year tenure, Welch is credited with …

… from short-term goals to more long-range projects (“General Electric’s Future…”).
As the international economy is increasingly focused on innovation and technological change, all these changes bode well for the long-term future of General Electric. Many analysts believe that the growth of such companies depends on their ability to shift from the top-down authoritarian style of management towards a networking-based, cooperative style …

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