Theme Of Cane Toomer Essay Example

Theme Of Cane Toomer Essay Example

… in literary consciousness there was also a social awakening. Social criticism, protest and the growing presence of the Negro in politics are all developments that reached fruition during this time.

Specifically, the novel Cane by Jean Toomer, published in 1923 mark the beginning of the Harlem Renaissance for many critics. With its investigation of lower class life in African American culture, the novel further explores areas such …

… Players. Furthermore his work in collaboration with Montgomery Gregory resulted in the anthology Plays of Negro Life, published in 1927.
roots. In this way Locke’s ideal of cultural pluralism is connected with Toomer’s ideas of realism of presentation, as well as the dignity of ethnic heritage.

The Harlem Renaissance was a time of hope for the African American. Alain Locke promoted the Negro’s rediscovery …

… Race as a biological construct is unchangeable. Thus all social issues regarding race are also difficult to change, since they are seen from the basis of unchangeable physical characteristics. This is the central theme that binds the lectures together, while each lecture addresses a specific subject relating to the social construct of race.

Locke vigorously criticizes the biological concept of race as an excuse to justify the …

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