Theme John Steinbacks Mice Essay Sample

Theme John Steinbacks Mice Essay Sample

… of the movie genre of the great American Western. The Searchers features the traditional Western characters of ruthless Indian savages, brave and honourable cowboys, and the helpless, virtuous female. Like much of Ford’s other work, The Searchers explores the themes of family and decency. In The Searchers, director John Ford and leading man John Wayne explore the themes of family and decency against the backdrop of the American West.
The plot of The Searchers is simple, a characteristic of the American Western. In the movie, a young white girl is kidnapped by Comanche Indians. The uncle of the kidnapped …

… .
Ford explores the theme of family in the Searchers. John Wayne’s unflinching devotion to his niece is shown in his efforts to save her from captivity. Ford also investigates the theme of family in his exploration of the complex and close relationships within the Comanche Indian tribe.
The theme of decency is also explored in The Searchers from a relatively politically correct perspective, not often seen in the Western genre. In this movie, Ford characterizes of some of the “tamers” of the Wild West as less than decent and honorable men.
In conclusion, The Searchers is an excellent example …

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