Theme A Supermarket In California By Ginsberg Essay Sample

Theme A Supermarket In California By Ginsberg Essay Sample

… politics, war, sexuality, and drugs. His poetry was raw and revealing–regardless if we can agree with all of his positions, we must respect him for having the courage to be outspoken.
Allen Ginsberg was as “much a social force as a literary phenomenon” says J. D. McClatchy, editor of Contemporary American Poetry. (McClatchy 238) Ginsberg became the prominent in the Beat movement with his poem Howl. …

… seed & hairy naked accomplishment-bodies” (66, 68-69). Here again, we see the world as Ginsberg does–the beauty of nature crushed by the buildings and the ways of capitalism.
In “A Supermarket in California,” Ginsberg also making a statement about the evolution of the American society. In the poem, Ginsberg imagines walking through a supermarket with Walt Whitman, “dreaming of the lost America of love” (32). …

… a sense of humor as it thinks of Whitman “down by the watermelons” and “poking among the meats in the refrigerator and eyeing the grocery boys” (9-10, 12-13). However, the overall theme of the poem is a lament of life, as Ginsberg tells Whitman that as they walk home, they will “both be lonely” (31). Perhaps this poem shows us how Ginsberg was willing to …

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