Theme Of Violence In Macbeth Essay Sample

Theme Of Violence In Macbeth Essay Sample

… often we notice that his plays reflect the social setup of the Elizabethan England. There is also a kind of philosophical touch in his plays. He is considered a literary genius, one whose accomplishments are yet to be matched in the annals of literature. Let us compare ‘Othello’ and ‘Macbeth’ two of his finest plays and see what they have in common and how they reflect the prevailing social climate.

Both Othello and Macbeth are classical tragedies of Shakespeare. Othello is considered as Shakespeare’s revolutionary work with the underlying tone of racism imbued in it. The tragic end to …

… prophecies of the witches. We can also compare Macbeth’s indiscriminate behavior to Othello’s suspicion on his wife. Like Othello who begins to believe in Iago, Macbeth also blindly believes the witches and goes to the extent of murdering his cousin and the king. While it is the theme of racism that is pronounced in Othello in Macbeth it is the theme of guilt and greediness. Again, in both these plays we see the role of fate. Both these plays evoke our sympathies to the protagonists as they are manipulated by evil forces. (Iago and Macbeth’s Wife). [Amanda …

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