Themes In Midsummer Night S Dream Essay Sample

Themes In Midsummer Night S Dream Essay Sample

… The difficulty of love is one of the predominant themes in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. While love itself is not a theme of the play, Shakespeare uses romantic elements, and troubles stemming from romance throughout the play. Shakespeare’s characters successfully distance themselves from the emotional side of love to keep the play lighthearted and funny. There is much more fun in poking fun, apparently.
There are internal elements that interfere with the romances in the play – most notably inequalities in the relationship. The prime example of such an imbalance is in the situation between four …

… what he wanted, though, which was his reasoning behind sending Puck out to do his magical works to begin with.
The troubles between a woman and man, in a relationship and in love, are the main focus and central theme found in Shakespeare’s comical play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Love is hindered both by internal aspects, including emotions felt by the characters and by the more imposed factors – like the potion used by Puck at the request of Oberon. The effects of these external factors is much more severe, though comical. Without the imposition of Puck, the play …

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