Theses Of Leukemia Essay Sample

Theses Of Leukemia Essay Sample

… -sea sponge Discodermia, which is immunosuppressive and cytotoxic, (Longley 1991) has potent antiproliferative activity due to its ability, to stabilize microtubules, (Haar et al. 1996; and Kowalski et al. 1997). Novartis licensed it as a cancer treatment,
§ Halichondrin B, isolated from the Japanese sponge Halichondria okadai, for melanoma and leukemia,
§ Isogranulatimide, derived from a Brazilian tunicate, is a G2 checkpoint inhibitor that is shown to kill p53-tumor cells. It is also easy to synthesize which allows researchers to make analogues (Roberge et al. 1998; Berlinck et al. 1998),
§ Debromohymenialdisine (DBH), one of several constituents of the common Palauan shallow …

… )

Note: the template prepared for the requirements for format and final production of the dissertation and thesis, is developed as specified in this and the next section, are to meet University Microfilms, Inc. standards for microfilming, and American Library Association (ALA) suggestions for preserving archival copies of dissertations and theses.

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