Thesis Brand Extension Essay Sample

Thesis Brand Extension Essay Sample

… follow up studies and additional responses to patterns and questionnaires in order to control the variables in the study.
Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria
The control group will consist of 50 participants with decided brand and site loyalty within the realm of the study. For example, in a study of long-distance carriers, three companies are considered world entities: AT&T, MCI, and Sprint. The control group would …

… the qualitative materials lend themselves to the overall study and provide a template for the studies to be done in the future. A severe paucity of empirical data exists in support of this thesis in spite of an inundation of empirical studies by companies such as Microsoft™, AT&T™, MCI™, and Compaq/Tandem™ , et. al. to support “good” web design practices, ethical handling of personal data, and …

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