Thesis On Violent Youth Essay Sample

Thesis On Violent Youth Essay Sample

… society.
In psychology, aggression is developed either through biological and/or cultural or environmental factors. Biologically, aggression is theorized to have come from the principle, “survival of the fittest,” which is the main thesis of the evolutionary theory proposed by Charles Darwin (Santrock, 2000:576). Because of the human need to survive, individuals living during the prehistoric times need to be aggressive in order to survive, to …

… the development of aggression within an individual. According to a report by Rick Van Acker (1997), aggression develops as early as the early childhood development of an individual. Van Acker discusses aggression, specifically violent behavior, is developed with an “alarming increase” between the ages 12 to 15. Further, aggression and violence develop as a result of the following conditions: (1) the child is provided with opportunities to …

… a person with aggressive behavior without hurting, endangering, or threatening the individual him/herself or innocent people (Braithwaite, 2002:76-7).
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