A Time To Kill Free Summary Essay

A Time To Kill Free Summary Essay

… read it. The age group will also enjoy the book, encouraging them to read more. This book also has the potential to inspire readers as it sends an important message. At the same time, it must be noted that the subject of the book could be considered controversial since it includes the disturbing elements of gang life. However, it is important that young adults gain an understanding …

… for the robbery. His friend Jose is stabbed right in from of him and he suspects a gang member, Angel, is trying to kill him. Despite all these problems, Eddie still finds the strength not to succumb to gang life but to break free from the situation. He joins the Navy, using this as his ticket to leave behind the problems of his life.
The first priority …

… like to have to live in a situation like Eddies. This creates understanding of others. At the same time, it is likely to make the young reader appreciate what they have.
In summary, it is recommended that Buried Onions be added to the ninth-grade reading list. Ninth-grade readers will want to read the book and will find it enjoyable, inspirational and educational. The controversial …

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