Tourism In The United States Of America – Essay

Tourism In The United States Of America – Essay

1. The United States of America has always been one of the most visited places in the world. Tourism has become a huge economic interest and has directly influenced development of many cities. For example, Pittsburgh has been a “steel town”, with many factories, but tourism has driven the city to strive for a cleaner image by keeping the city cleaner. It has also added sites and activities that tourists would enjoy seeing instead of the gloomy industrial plants. When the American economy was booming before today’s recessions, many cities, such as Chicago, built many attractions and hotels to sustain and grow the economic opportunities that tourism could bring to their cities. Each American city has embraced its’ own culture and rich histories in order to appeal to a diverse group of tourists.

Adventure tourism (extreme sports tourism) is a very interesting tourism niche. It involves higher risk and excitement, incorporated through a tourist’s vacation. When planning an adventure vacation, it is exciting to see how the location of travel will incorporate the destination’s environment. For example, only in Australia can one experience scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. Adventure tourism stimulates the local economy. For example, paying to scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef, provides capital for that destination which will support and sustain that destination for the future.

2. Many of the U.S. Route 66 destinations were comprised of early railroad settlements. Tucumcari, Flagstaff and San Bernadino were all founded or were directly dependent of the economic success that railroads brought. Another uniting characteristic of urban tourism of these destinations, is that each destination makes an attempt to keep tourism from damaging the environment. Each location has lowered emission levels to improve the quality of the environment and the standard of living. For example, Flagstaff and Tucumcari both have programs that support low emission vehicles because air quality is an issue for arid and semiarid climates.

St. Louis has been successful in luring more tourists to the area due to the various attractions and iconic monuments. St. Louis is home for the gateway arch which has always been an amazing monument to see. The Chain of Rock Bridge had been a critical part of Route 66, but closed in 1968 and was recently renovated and re-opened as a trail bridge for runners and cyclists. St. Louis took what had been an unused relic and then turned it into a haven for tourists interested in sight seeing and exercise. The Ted Drewes’ Custard Stand has been a famous establishment for tourists to see. Its’ value to tourists remains strong because the owner has decided to not franchise.

3. The presentation of Amarillo, Texas was greatly informative and organized. The presentation incorporated a summary sheet, powerpoint and plenty of photos to help visualize the location and activities in order to lure potential tourists. The various activities were organized seamlessly. For example, outdoor sights such as the Cadillac Ranch and Palo Duro Canyon were presented while a plan for a unique dinner at The Big Texan was suggested. The famous entree at The Big Texan was even included in the presentation (The 72 ounce Steak Challenge). There was pictures of the RV Museum included as well. The speaker was clear and coherent throughout the presentation which led to the presentation being one of the most efficient at potentially luring tourists to Amarillo. I learned that having plenty of information and organizing that information in an easy to understand manner, is the key to a great presentation.

The presentation of Kingman, Arizona seemed to be the least effective presentation. In the group’s summary, they stated that Kingman is “…one of the many American cities that paved the way to America’s future”. The group failed to back up that bold statement, or even readdress the statement later in the presentation. The group emphasized Kingman’s historical importance, but did not present detailed information on why industrial tourism is the main source of tourism for the city. The group presented a few outdoor attractions and natural sites to see, but there was no genuine grasp on the area’s culture, and even what cuisines are in the area. This

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