Trait Argument Essay Sample

Trait Argument Essay Sample

… not important. Finally, Allport argued that the traits exhibited are dependant on the environment or situation. With this approach, Allport rejected the psychodynamic theories, believing that the subconscious had little to do with personality development. A consideration of Allport’s theory will show that it is a much weaker argument than the psychodynamic theories.
The first problem with Allport’s theory is that it is so broad it does little to either predict or explain behavior. Firstly, Allport says that every individual is unique and does not attempt to determine one individual’s behavior with another. Allport then says that …

… their observed behavior but does nothing to explain the reasons why the person acts that way. If in another situation, the same individual encouraged interaction, Allport might say that they are friendly or extroverted. This would be accepted by Allport’s theory as a different situation causing a different trait. Essentially, Allport’s theory can explain any observed behavior since it is so broad it has not limitations within it. While this may mean that the theory is never actually wrong, it also means it does nothing to really predict or explain behavior.
Consider the same example of a person …

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